Around for over a decade DRAGONLIFE FILMS grew organically from a small company specializing in photography, graphic design, and business card creation into a one-stop shop for media production. With a core staff of industry professionals, all your advertising needs are found in one place.

Need a website to revamp or start your company? Done. What about a company logo, slogan, or even a new marketing campaign? Done. Need a 30 second ad for TV, radio, and/or the web? Done. Or perhaps some kick ass new business cards? Done. Don't have professional headshots? Done. Hell, we even shoot shorts and feature films! And the best part is quality work done fast by industry professionals at a fraction of the cost. Can't beat it.

See our portfolio for rocking examples of our work and clients...

Tech Junkies Equipment List:
2 Sony V1Us HD Video Cameras
Sony FX1 HD Video Camera
Wireless LAVs & Mics
2-24in Samsung HD monitors
Full Green Screen Backdrop
Photography & Video Lighting
Canon 30D with Multiple Lenses

Mac Pro Desktop/Laptop
Final Cut Pro HD
Adobe CS4 Suite

For more info contact:
Kenny Knoll at 714-655-7839